MON 01 MAR 2021
Welcome! The FRIB User Portal serves as the single web interface facilitating personalized web-based interactions between scientific users and the FRIB Laboratory, a U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science (DOE-SC) scientific user facility. Here, you (the scientific user) will be able to:
  • Join the FRIB Users Organization
  • Join an equipment collaboration within the FRIBUO
  • Submit proposals to apply for beam time
  • Apply for access to FRIB facilities and a badge
  • Enter into a user agreement
  • Take required trainings and be aware of training status
  • List publications and notable outcomes from an FRIB experiment
  • Update affiliation information if there has been a change in institution

Currently, only Google accounts are supported.

If your institution uses Gmail or has a Google Workspace subscription, you may use that account.