The following is a list of approved experiments at FRIB. Click on a column header to sort by that column.

Experiment Number Contact Spokesperson Co-Spokespersons Title Beam on Target Hours Approved Beam Tuning Hours Date Completed
22601 N4 gas stopper commissioning
22501 Tarasov, Oleg Gade, Alexandra; Tarasov, Oleg Commissioning with a high-Z primary beam 120
21080 Wu, Jin Estrade, Alfredo; Tarasov, Oleg Decay spectroscopy in the vicinity of the N=126 shell closure 128 24
21073 Spyrou, Artemis Muecher, Dennis; Spyrou, Artemis Constraining neutron capture rates for the r-process 100 24
21072 Wrede, Christopher Strength of the key 15O(a,g)19Ne resonance in X-ray bursts 54 24
21070 Marshall, Caleb Chipps, Kelly; Marshall, Caleb; Psaltis, Athanasios Determining the Site of Globular Cluster Potassium Enrichment via the 38Ar(p, gamma)39K Reaction in Inverse Kinematics 158 24
21069 Ong, Wei Jia Allmond, James; Grzywacz, Robert; Rasco, Charlie; Schatz, Hendrik; Sherill, Brad; Tarasov, Oleg Decay spectroscopy of the N=35 nuclei 55Ca,54K and 53Ar and the search for dripline nucleus 50S 174 24
21067 Pain, Steven Simultaneous constraint of the 34g,mCl(p,g) reactions via a Spectroscopic Mirror Study using ORRUBA and SECAR 168 36
21066 Baumann, Thomas Frank, Nathan Neutron-Unbound Excited States in 53,55Ca 36 24
21062 Crawford, Heather Allmond, James (Mitch); Crawford, Heather; Crider, Benjamin; Grzywacz, Robert; Tripathi, Vandana Decay Spectroscopy Near N=28: Shell Structure, Shapes and Weak Binding 124 24
21061 Severin, Gregory Scielzo, Nicholas; Severin, Gregory; Shusterman, Jennifer First Isotope Harvesting at FRIB 0 0
21056 Randhawa, Jaspreet Ahn, Tan; Garg, Umesh The Isoscalar Giant Monopole Resonance in 132Sn: Implications on the Nuclear Incompressibility 144 24
21055 Wuosmaa, Alan Macchiavelli, Augusto; Wuosmaa, Alan Evolution of intruder configurations in neutron-rich Mg isotopes 48 36
21049 Leistenschneider, Erich Leistenschneider, Erich; Ringle, Ryan Seeking the Holy Grail of Nuclear Structure: Precise Binding Energy Determination of 100Sn 72 60
21048 Ong, Wei Jia Avila, Melina; Montes, Fernando; Ong, Wei Jia Constraining Molybdenum and Ruthenium production in neutron-rich neutrino-driven winds. 52 36
21040 Ayyad, Yassid Macchiavelli, Augusto Studying np pairing in N=Z nuclei: The 52Fe(3He,p) reaction at ReA with the AT-TPC 48 48
21039 Redshaw, Matthew Leistenschneider, Erich; Ringle, Ryan Exploration of Deformed Shell Closures and Pairing Correlations in N = Z Nuclei Around A = 80 96 60
21038 Pfützner, Marek Grzywacz, Robert; Mazzocchi, Chiara Proton-proton momentum correlations in two-proton radioactivity 96 24
21035 Allmond, Mitch Allmond, J.M.; Mitchell, A.J.; Surman, R. Correlation of Triaxial Deformation with Inertial Dynamics, Masses and r-Process Nucleosynthesis 76 24
21034 Bentley, Michael Wadsworth, Robert Evolution and isospin-dependence of quadrupole collectivity in the heaviest N=Z systems 84 24
21027 Rykaczewski, Krzysztof Grzywacz, Robert; Karny, Marek; Liddick, Sean; Rasco, Bertis Charlie Decoding the doubly magic stronghold - decay spectroscopy of 78Ni 120 24
21026 Avila, Melina Direct measurement of the 59Cu(p,α)56Ni reaction 72 36
21024 Crawford, Heather Bazin, Daniel; Crawford, Heather; Kanungo, Ritu Reaction Cross-Section Measurement in 40Mg: A Halo Candidate? 144 24
21023 Karthein, Jonas Garcia Ruiz, Ronald; Karthein, Jonas; Minamisono, Kei; Sumithrarachchi, Chandana Precision laser spectroscopy of atoms and molecules containing exotic thorium isotopes 112 30
21021 Grzywacz, Robert Clark, Rod; Karny, Marek; Liddick, Sean; Rasco, Charlie; Rykaczewski , Krzysztof ; Seweryniak, Darek Complete decay spectroscopy of 100Sn and its neighbors 124 24
21018 Giraud, Simon Zegers, Remco Constraining electron-capture rates in and near the N=20 island of inversion 96 24
21016 Hoffman, Calem Kuchera, Anthony First observation of neutron-unbound 30F 94 24
21015 Vernon, Adam Minamisono, Kei; Ruiz, Ronald; Vernon, Adam Proton-halo and proton-skin structures in 22Al and 23Al 60 60
21014 Lotay, Gavin Lotay, Gavin; Randhawa, Jaspreet Constraining the Ni-Cu cycle in X-ray bursts and Core Collapse Supernovae: Spectroscopy of 60Zn 100 24
21010 Fynbo, Hans Otto Mazzocchi, Chiara Study of the beta-decays of 22Al and 26P 48 36
21009 Gade, Alexandra Tostevin, Jeffrey A.; Wiedenhoever, Ingo Understanding shape and configuration coexistence at N=28 72 24
21007 Gade, Alexandra Janssens, Robert V.F. Shape coexistence at the heart of the N = 40 island of inversion 48 24 TUE 02 AUG 2022
21006 Charity, Robert Is 22Si a doubly-magic nucleus? 160 24
21004 Wu, Ching-Yen Gade, Alexandra; Henderson, Jack Shell evolution at the N=28 studied through sub-barrier Coulomb excitation 72 48
21003 Grzywacz-Jones, Kate Cerizza, Giordano; Gade, Alex; Grzywacz, Robert The structure of light tin isotopes 72 24
21001 Riley, Lewis Cottle, Paul; Riley, Lewis Measuring proton and neutron matrix elements for the 0^+_gs→2^+_1 transition in the deformed neutron-rich N=28 nucleus 42Si 56 24