The following is a list of approved experiments at FRIB. Click on a column header to sort by that column.

Experiment Number Contact Spokesperson Co-Spokespersons Title Beam on Target Hours Approved Beam Tuning Hours Date Completed
23509 Baryshev, Sergey Studying Resilience of Power Load Switch to Heavy Ion Radiation 6.00 THU 22 FEB 2024
23508 Cortesi, Marco Dziubinski, Sean Performance test ELOSS detector 12.00
23505 Lidia, Steve High-flux, short-pulse single event effects demonstration experiment 39.00 SAT 12 AUG 2023
23503 Grzywacz, Robert Kitamura, Noritaka; Neupane, Shree; Xu, Zhengyu Beta-delayed neutron spectroscopy of 24O 8.00 MON 15 MAY 2023
23502 Wrede, Christopher Twentieth Exotic Beam Summer School 24.00 SAT 15 JUL 2023
23084 Pain, Steven Balakrishnan, Sudarsan; Pain, Steven Informing the i process: constraining the As/Ge abundance ratio in a metal poor star via 75Ga(d,pg)76Ga 96.00 36.00 SUN 05 MAY 2024
23080 Moroch, Scott Garcia Ruiz, Ronald Fernando; Karthein, Jonas; Minamisono, Kei Precision Laser Spectroscopy of Atoms and Molecules Containing 229,232Th Isotopes TUE 02 JUL 2024 (partial)
23079 Pain, Steven Chipps, Kelly; Ong, Wei Jia Simultaneous high-precision spectroscopic measurements of (a,p) reactions on proton-rich mass 26 nuclides for X-Ray-Burst nucleosynthesis 192.00 48.00
23078 Korkulu Stuhl, Zeren Estrade, Alfredo Mass measurements on the r-process path relevant for the first r-process peak 156.00 36.00
23076 Grzywacz, Robert Allmond, Mitch; Fijalkowska, Aleksandra; Rasco, Bertis; Rykaczewski, Krzysztof Intersections of nuclear structure and statistical model in βn-decays of cobalt isotopes and isomers 74.00 0.00
23071 Seweryniak, Dariusz Allmond, Mitch; Clark, Roderick; Grzywacz, Robert; Liddick, Sean; Tarasov, Oleg The Study of Proton-Rich Isotopes Along the Proton Drip-Line above 100Sn 72.00 36.00
23070 Lubna, Rebeka Sultana Lubna, Rebeka Sultana; Tang, Tsz Leung Probing the N=28 shell gap migration via simultaneous measurements of the 40,42S(d, p) and 40,42S(d, t) reactions 48.00 48.00
23068 Monteagudo Godoy, Belen Revel, Aldric Study of possible p-wave halo in 34Na ground state 111.00 36.00
23066 Domnanich, Katharina Gaiser, Alyssa; Scielzo, Nicholas; Severin, Gregory; Shusterman, Jennifer Isotope Harvesting with the First 58Ni Primary Beam at FRIB 20.00 36.00
23065 Mitchell, Alan Kay, Benjamin Single-particle fragmentation near N=28 explored through direct reactions on 46Ca
23064 Allmond, Mitch Carpenter, Michael; Gray, Tim; Grzywacz, Robert; Liddick, Sean; Portillo, Mauricio; Rasco, Bertis; Rykaczewski, Krzysztof; Seweryniak, Dariusz; Tarasov, Oleg Seniority Isomers and Single-Particle Evolution in 218-222Pb Region: New Isotopes, Isomers, and Half Lives
23063 Garcia Ruiz, Ronald Fernando Minamisono, Kei; Wilkins, Shane Laser spectroscopy of neutron-rich silicon isotopes 62.00 84.00
23060 Wilkins, Shane Garcia Ruiz, Ronald Fernando; Minamisono, Kei Towards determining the rotational fingerprints of the radioactive molecules 26AlF and 32SiO for astronomical studies WED 20 SEP 2023 (partial)
23058 Brown, Kyle Chajecki, Zbigniew Measuring the isospin dependence of the nucleon effective mass at supersaturation density 116.00 36.00
23056 Richard, Andrea Zegers, Remco Indirect 99Nb(n,g)100Nb Constraint for the Astrophysical i-Process 96.00 36.00
23055 Crider, Ben Allmond, Mitch; Janssens, Robert; Liddick, Sean; Stuchbery, Andrew Decay Spectroscopy Near N = 40: toward the N = 50 island of inversion near 78Ni 60.00 36.00
23054 Williams, Matt Exploring the p-process with SECAR 92.00 48.00
23047 Estrade, Alfredo Crawford, Heather; Fallon, Paul; Schatz, Hendrik Mass measurement along the neutron dripline 180.00 36.00
23045 Montes, Fernando Garg, Ruchi Machine learning techniques to optimise and automate recoil separators performance and operation
23041 Chaple Gore , Ivis Domnanich, Katharina Production and separation of radioplatinum for a theragnostic approach to cancer 48.00 36.00
23038 Redshaw, Matt Ringle, Ryan; Xavier, Mougeot High-precision Penning trap determination of the 99Tc beta-decay Q value for the evaluation of precise beta-spectrum measurements
23037 Fougeres, Chloe de oliveira santos, Francois; de Séréville, Nicolas; Hammache, Faïrouz Angle-integrated measurement of the d(25Al, n gamma)26Si transfer reaction to probe resonance strengths in 25Al(p,gamma)26Si relevant for the production of 26Al in classical novae 132.00 36.00 FRI 10 NOV 2023
23035 Wrede, Christopher Is there a NiCu Cycle in X-ray Bursts? 120.00 36.00
23033 Revel, Aldric Monteagudo Godoy, Belen Investigating the halo structure of 37Mg 108.00 36.00
23031 Ayyad Limonge, Yassid Lay , José; Zamora, Juan Investigating the electric dipole response of halo nuclei using proton inelastic scattering 84.00 36.00
23030 Porzio, Carlotta Crawford, Heather; Porzio, Carlotta; Rice, Emma Quadrupole Collectivity at the Boundaries of the N=40 Island of Inversion 24.00 24.00 SAT 03 FEB 2024
23025 Brown, Kyle Cook, Kaitlin; McCormick, Caitlin Quasifission dynamics with neutron-rich calcium. 60.00 48.00
23023 Pfützner, Marek Grzywacz, Robert; Mazzocchi, Chiara Proton-proton momentum correlations in two-proton radioactivity of 54Zn 120.00 36.00
23017 Wu, Ching-Yen Gade, Alexandra; Henderson, Jack Shape coexistence in N = Z nucleus, 44Ti
23012 Minamisono, Kei Garcia Ruiz, Ronald Fernando; Nörtershäuser, Wilfried; Rossi, Dominic Symmetry-energy constraints using the charge-radius difference of 52Ni-52Cr mirror nuclei 108.00 54.00
23011 Kobayashi, Nobuyuki Iwasaki, Hironori Halo formation in neutron-rich carbon isotopes 114.00 36.00 SAT 09 DEC 2023
23009 Zegers, Remco Giraud, Simon Search for the Isovector Giant Monopole Resonance via the 90Zr(10Be,10B[0+,T=1]) reaction 108.00 36.00 SAT 17 FEB 2024
23006 Karthein, Jonas Ringle, Ryan Precision Binding Energies for Pioneering Astrophysical Studies 53.00 57.00
23005 deSouza, Romualdo Hudan, Sylvie Fusing light nuclei near the neutron drip-line 60.00 72.00
23004 Ronning, Eleanor Richard, Andrea; Ronning, Eleanor The Last Piece of the Generalized Brink Axel Hypothesis Puzzle 68.00 48.00 THU 08 FEB 2024
23003 Iwasaki, Hironori Zimba, George Collectivity at N=27 studied by heavy-ion inelastic scattering and lifetime measurements 64.00 36.00 SAT 09 MAR 2024
23002 Gade, Alexandra Henderson, Jack; Wu, Ching-Yen Collectivity and Shape North of Sn 72.00 FRI 10 MAY 2024
23001 Gade, Alexandra Tostevin, Jeffrey Single-neutron structure at the heart of the N=28 island of inversion 110.00 36.00
22511 Brown, Kyle Wuosmaa, Alan Transfer reactions with the doubly magic 56Ni 216.00
22510 Grinder, Mara Pain, Steven 80Ge(d,p gamma): Informing weak r-process neutron capture 144.00 TUE 30 APR 2024
22507 Cortesi, Marco Dziubinski, Sean Performance Test of the Energy Loss Optical Scintillation System (ELOSS) 12.00 FRI 14 JUL 2023
22505 Kyle, Alicia Spyrou, Artemis; Tsantiri, Artemis Nucleosynthesis of neutron‐deficient isotopes in the A=70 region 107.00 THU 27 JUL 2023
22503 Montes, Fernando Schatz, Hendrik SECAR Development in Preparation for First FRIB Experiments THU 20 JUN 2024 (partial)
22502 Ayyad Limonge, Yassid Mittig, Wolfgang Investigating new alpha-clustering observables in neutron-rich carbon nuclei 130.00 MON 18 DEC 2023
22501 Tarasov, Oleg Gade, Alexandra Commissioning with a high-Z primary beam 120.00 MON 06 FEB 2023
21080 Wu, Jin Estrade, Alfredo; Tarasov, Oleg Decay spectroscopy in the vicinity of the N=126 shell closure 128.00 24.00
21073 Spyrou, Artemis Constraining neutron capture rates for the r-process 100.00 24.00
21072 Wrede, Christopher Strength of the key 15O(a,g)19Ne resonance in X-ray bursts 54.00 24.00 MON 28 NOV 2022
21070 Marshall, Caleb Determining the Site of Globular Cluster Potassium Enrichment via the 38Ar(p, gamma)39K Reaction in Inverse Kinematics 158.00 24.00
21069 Ong, Wei Jia Allmond, Mitch; Grzywacz, Robert; Rasco, Bertis; Schatz, Hendrik; Sherrill, Bradley; Tarasov, Oleg Decay spectroscopy of the N=35 nuclei 55Ca,54K and 53Ar and the search for dripline nucleus 50S 174.00 24.00 TUE 30 JAN 2024
21067 Pain, Steven Simultaneous constraint of the 34g,mCl(p,g) reactions via a Spectroscopic Mirror Study using ORRUBA and SECAR 168.00 36.00
21066 Baumann, Thomas Frank, Nathan Neutron-Unbound Excited States in 53,55Ca 36.00 24.00
21062 Crawford, Heather Allmond, Mitch; Crider, Ben; Grzywacz, Robert; Tripathi, Vandana Decay Spectroscopy Near N=28: Shell Structure, Shapes and Weak Binding 124.00 24.00 MON 04 MAR 2024
21061 Severin, Gregory Shusterman, Jennifer First Isotope Harvesting at FRIB 0.00 0.00
21056 Randhawa, Jaspreet The Isoscalar Giant Monopole Resonance in 132Sn: Implications on the Nuclear Incompressibility 144.00 24.00
21055 Wuosmaa, Alan Macchiavelli, Augusto Evolution of intruder configurations in neutron-rich Mg isotopes 48.00 36.00
21049 Leistenschneider, Erich Ringle, Ryan Seeking the Holy Grail of Nuclear Structure: Precise Binding Energy Determination of 100Sn 72.00 60.00 FRI 22 MAR 2024 (partial)
21048 Ong, Wei Jia Avila, Melina Constraining Molybdenum and Ruthenium production in neutron-rich neutrino-driven winds. 52.00 36.00
21040 Ayyad Limonge, Yassid Studying np pairing in N=Z nuclei: The 52Fe(3He,p) reaction at ReA with the AT-TPC 48.00 48.00
21039 Redshaw, Matt Ringle, Ryan Exploration of Deformed Shell Closures and Pairing Correlations in N = Z Nuclei Around A = 80 96.00 60.00
21038 Pfützner, Marek Proton-proton momentum correlations in two-proton radioactivity 96.00 24.00
21035 Allmond, Mitch Correlation of Triaxial Deformation with Inertial Dynamics, Masses and r-Process Nucleosynthesis 76.00 24.00
21034 Bentley, Michael Wadsworth, Bob Evolution and isospin-dependence of quadrupole collectivity in the heaviest N=Z systems 84.00 24.00 TUE 18 APR 2023
21027 Rykaczewski, Krzysztof Decoding the doubly magic stronghold - decay spectroscopy of 78Ni 120.00 24.00
21026 Avila, Melina Direct measurement of the 59Cu(p,α)56Ni reaction 72.00 36.00
21024 Crawford, Heather Reaction Cross-Section Measurement in 40Mg: A Halo Candidate? 144.00 24.00
21023 Karthein, Jonas Precision laser spectroscopy of atoms and molecules containing exotic thorium isotopes 112.00 30.00
21021 Grzywacz, Robert Complete decay spectroscopy of 100Sn and its neighbors 124.00 24.00
21018 Giraud, Simon Zegers, Remco Constraining electron-capture rates in and near the N=20 island of inversion 96.00 24.00 MON 24 JUN 2024
21016 Hoffman, Calem First observation of neutron-unbound 30F 94.00 24.00
21015 Garcia Ruiz, Ronald Fernando Minamisono, Kei; Vernon, Adam Proton-halo and proton-skin structures in 22Al and 23Al 60.00 60.00 WED 22 MAY 2024
21014 Lotay, Gavin Randhawa, Jaspreet Constraining the Ni-Cu cycle in X-ray bursts and Core Collapse Supernovae: Spectroscopy of 60Zn 100.00 24.00 THU 15 JUN 2023
21010 Fynbo, Hans Wrede, Christopher Study of the beta-decays of 22Al and 26P 48.00 36.00 FRI 30 JUN 2023
21009 Gade, Alexandra Tostevin, Jeffrey; Wiedenhoever, Ingo Understanding shape and configuration coexistence at N=28 72.00 24.00 THU 20 JUL 2023
21007 Gade, Alexandra Janssens, Robert Shape coexistence at the heart of the N = 40 island of inversion 48.00 24.00 TUE 02 AUG 2022
21006 Charity, Robert Is 22Si a doubly-magic nucleus? 160.00 24.00
21004 Wu, Ching-Yen Shell evolution at the N=28 studied through sub-barrier Coulomb excitation 72.00 48.00
21003 Grzywacz-Jones, Kate Cerizza, Giordano; Gade, Alexandra; Grzywacz, Robert The structure of light tin isotopes 72.00 24.00 THU 15 DEC 2022
21001 Riley, Lew Cottle, Paul Measuring proton and neutron matrix elements for the 0^+_gs→2^+_1 transition in the deformed neutron-rich N=28 nucleus 42Si 56.00 24.00 FRI 29 MAR 2024